Dr Chris Russell

Hello, my name is Chris Russell. I am a private obstetrician, fertility specialist and gynaecologist consulting at Epworth Freemasons in East Melbourne and the Mercy Hospital for Women in Heidelberg. I am also an obstetrician at St Vincent’s Private in Fitzroy and a fertility and IVF specialist with Monash IVF.

As a fertility specialist, obstetrician and gynaecologist, I am uniquely placed to look after women at every step of their journey to motherhood – no matter how complex. From advanced laparoscopic surgery, tailored fertility plans and IVF through to personalised antenatal care and delivery, I provide the high-level expertise patients need at each step along the way. It also means that I can offer outstanding continuity of care, allowing my patients the confidence of knowing they’ll always be looked after by the same person – from bump to bub and beyond.

Continuity of care is really important to me, and is paramount to the relationship I have with my patients. During your pregnancy, I arrange all of your care personally. I don’t delegate your care to other doctors or midwives. I am available for your delivery or emergency as often as is practicable; at a minimum, I am on call for my patients 24 hours a day from Monday to Friday, and on weekends I share a 1:3 roster.

Dr Chris Russell, private obstetrician, fertility specialist and gynaecologistThis level of availability compares extremely favourably with most, if not all, of Melbourne’s private obstetric practices. It is achievable because I limit the number of pregnancy bookings I take each month. You’ll get to know me quite well during the pregnancy, and you will never feel like you’re on a production line.

My training as a private obstetrician and gynaecologist began in 2004 at Box Hill Hospital. It has since taken me to many of Melbourne’s finest women’s hospitals, with my principal training being at the Mercy Hospital for Women in Heidelberg. The Mercy is one of only three tertiary women’s hospitals in Melbourne, and I spent a total of four years there, as well as time at Monash Medical Centre, another tertiary level hospital. I also spent time at some smaller centres, being Geelong Hospital and the Northern Hospital. All of these hospitals offered something different to my training, and have moulded me into a more rounded specialist.

I have specialty appointments at the Mercy Hospital for Women in Heidelberg as a specialist obstetrician in the high-risk pregnancy clinic, and fertility specialist in the Reproductive Medicine Unit. I am a lecturer with the University of Melbourne Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, and in this role I regularly teach and assess medical students.

My main areas of interest in gynaecology are infertility and laparoscopic surgery. I have spent two years of additional training in these areas working on the infertility units at Monash Medical Centre and the Mercy Hospital for Women, as well as at Monash IVF.

At these centres, I have learnt and honed the intricate expertise required to investigate, diagnose, manage and support couples who desire a pregnancy. This often requires surgical procedures, mostly laparoscopic (keyhole), so I have become proficient in advanced laparoscopic procedures such as removing ovarian cysts and endometriosis. I am a fully accredited fertility specialist with Monash IVF, so can offer many fertility treatments, including IVF, to assist couples in becoming pregnant. And because I am also an obstetrician, I can manage your entire pregnancy from your antenatal care through to the delivery of your baby.

As well as specialty gynaecology, I can of course offer my patients general gynaecology services as well. If you need a pap smear, contraceptive advice or have heavy or painful periods, I can definitely help you.

I look forward to meeting you.



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