Epworth Freemasons

Dr Chris Russell is a private obstetrician at Epworth Freemasons, with his consulting rooms  on level 1 of the hospital.

Chris recommends Freemasons as it has long been Melbourne’s premier private obstetric hospital, combining luxurious accommodation with approachable, caring staff, all set amongst the best medical facilities. The postnatal care by the midwives at Freemasons is exceptional, and sets this hospital apart. The level of safety achieved by allowing timely access to resources ensures the safest possible environment for your baby.

Epworth Freemasons has the following facilities;

  • Level 3 adult intensive care unit at the adjacent Clarendon St facility
  • Special Care Nursery for babies born at 32 weeks or later
  • 24-hour access to theatre
  • 24-hour anaesthetist cover
  • 24-hour paediatrician cover
  • All patients are guaranteed a private room
  • Postnatal beds have been fully refurbished in 2014. They are so good you wouldn’t bother leaving for the Park Hyatt
  • Postnatal care for uncomplicated women in a luxurious 5 star hotel (Park Hyatt).

To book an appointment to see Dr Chris Russell for delivery at Epworth Freemasons, call 9418 8299 or email hello@drchrisrussell.com.au.


  • Epworth Freemasons Suite 106,
    320 Victoria Parade

    East Melbourne
    VIC 3002