Expert management of assisted pregnancies, e.g. IVF

If you required help to conceive, it may feel like you have reached the end of one road and the start of another. Much time, love and care has been invested in getting this far. It’s important to choose an obstetrician who understands the unique journey you have travelled and any implications it may have for your pregnancy.

As both a fertility specialist and practising obstetrician, Chris has a special interest in managing IVF pregnancies. Medically, he understands the challenges you have overcome and how these may impact on your pregnancy and the care you now receive. Perhaps just as importantly, he understands how precious the next nine months are to you – but also how quickly and uneventfully you want those months to past.

So if you’re looking for an obstetrician who appreciates that an IVF pregnancy needs its own special brand of care, Chris can provide the specialist expertise and high-level support you require.

Not all fertility specialists practise obstetrics so if another doctor has assisted you to become pregnant but does not also provide antenatal care, you can simply request a new referral from your GP or contact Chris’s rooms directly to arrange an appointment.